Describe your Trinity College experience...

Trinity has certainly given me more than I have given it. Not only are my four boys, Ethan, Luca, Zach and Levi getting a well-rounded and diverse education, but through the honour of being the Trinity Auxiliary President, I have made some wonderful friendships.

Taking on this role and thinking that I would just be making tea and coffee, I underestimated how important it was to become to me. The women who I have met have become close friends and we have had some laughs along the way too.

My favourite event at the school that I get to be involved in is the Grandparents' Morning Tea. The boys beam with pride showing their grandparents what they do every day. The grandparents enjoy spending this special time with their grandsons and it is rounded out by a good old fashioned cup of tea and cakes.

For me personally, my experiences in the Junior School have provided me with some serious ugly Mum crying moments. The Mother’s Day mass never fails to bring me to tears, the boys are so open and honest (maybe too honest ) about their Mums, it is a time when they aren’t worried what people think and say what it is their hearts and minds. To hear the boys sing in the Chapel always fills me with joy.


Mother's Day Mass 2018


Grandparents' Morning Tea 2015


Year 9 A Night to Shine 2019

What is your fondest memory of time spent at Trinity College?

My experience at Trinity College is littered with so many good memories, but the one that stands out the most for me involves the son of a dear friend and the Junior School Cross Country. Her son at his own admission was not a runner and the cross country was being run on the hills near Trinity. Her son was struggling and the boys who had already finished decided it was their job as Trinity boys to get him over the line, so they all ran back and encouraged him to finish. The look in my friend’s eyes as her son and the rest of the boys came across the line is something I will never forget. It was a day when the TC spirit was alive and well and the boys truly showed they were “Men for Others”.

What type of changes did you see happen while you were at Trinity?

The completion of the College’s new sports centre has been the biggest structural change, it is a sign that Trinity is moving with the times and ensuring that the campus can accommodate the growing needs of the school community. The stability of Trinity has always been important, the traditions and values that are held dear have given Trinity the opportunity to grow and excel. The community spirit grows stronger each year and this can be attributed to past and current parents being willing to put up their hands and roll up their sleeves. Without this, Trinity would not be able to achieve as much as it does. This is especially true in the music and drama departments in recent times.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your Trinity experience?

There is something for every boy at Trinity, from music, to drama, to academics, to sport, and dancing, and my boys have tried it all. Watching their faces light up when things go well have been heartwarming experiences for me and my family. The support when things aren’t going well has also been invaluable. I truly believe that Trinity staff have the needs of the boys always in their sights, they want every boy to experience and grow in their pursuits.

It is a wonderful feeling to send my boys off to school each day, knowing they are going to a place where they feel comfortable, enjoy their friends' company and are able to explore their own minds and souls. I know even after our time at Trinity reaches an end in 2025 (yes it is faraway), the Gosatti’s will remain a TC family.